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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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indigo indigo. >> no rain right at this moment. >> not yet. we have a lot in the forecast. catalucci. clearing, 48 degrees on our news 13 skycam network. >> the rest of us will see temperatures anywhere from the upper 50's to low 60's. it is upper 60's in the upstate. in just a moment, a timeline of fall. how much will fall and who could see severe storms later this week. >> happening right now, a transylvania man testifying in his own defense. he is accused of kill toby math irgss five years ago. lauren breingman is live in brevard you. say shields became emotional when he was called to the stand. >> right. he took the stand just moments before noon. news 13 john lee is inside the courtroom right now. i just received an update from him. he tells me that when oshields
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son, he began sobbing, saying, quote, every day, that's what i live with. prosecutors in this case, of course, are calling this a revenge killing, saying oshields killed mathis as payback for joey's death. now, we were inside the courtroom this morning as richard oshields entered. his attorney telling the judge he planned to call the defendant to the stand among two other witnesses. since the trial began on thursday, the jury has used surveillance video from the shooting add rosamond store. the jury has heard from witnesses for the prosecution including two women who said they saw oshields shoot mathis. the defense argues what led to the shooting was not as simple as revenge. they say the grieving father was dealing with many issues. today the defense plans to call their witnesses to the stand. the first two already being called. we'll have an update from news 13 i don't know lee starting
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>> a 45-year-old uber driver is under arrest for allegedly opening fire in three locations in kalamazoo, killing six people. it is being called random acts of violence. michigan state police say jason dalton accused of shooting a woman in a parking lot. he is a suspect in a deadly shooting of a father and son later at a kia dealership. minutes later outside a cracker barrel restaurant, five people were shot, four of them died including retire teacher mary jo. the victims apparently selected at random. >> this is your worst nightmare. >> dalton taken to custody without incident. police are looking into the reports that he was working as an uber driver between the shootings. while the motive remains a mystery. police say they are holding out hope for the youngest victim, a 1-year-old girl. she was initially believed to be
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thumbs up when asked if she could hear them. >> the iraqi government pledges to retake mosul from isis. the military sent more troops to the northern part of the country for an offensive against the terror group. already forces including sunni muslim tribal fighters are expected to arrive in the coming days. there are more than a million people still living there, mosul is the largest city controlled by the islamic state. >> 20 people dead from tropical cyclone winston. the prime minister says there is widespread damage and flooding. homes are leveled, key services cut and remote areas are shut off. >> more than a dozen people escaped injury after their bus crash into an overpass. rescue crews had to dismantle to free drivers. there is no word what caused the crash. >> a double-decker bus catches fire this chicago.
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in flames by the time they arrived. passengers said they smelled rubber and heard a loud pop followed by an explosion. it billowed 30 feet into the air. the drivers and passengers got out just in time. >> a bus burst into flames in portland oregon and it was all caught on camera. >> the driver said he had just bought the car as a certified pre-owned vehicle a week before. the 2015 mercedes had 13,000 miles on it when it was bought. >> i'm concerned that similar models of this vehicle could happen the same thing to anyone. a few minutes in the car i could have been seriously injured or killed. >>, the cause of the fire is under investigation. there is a recall for this line of cars.
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fires fires. >> and it doesn't look like a cheap vehicle and then that happens. a nice day for a drive, you might need the windshield wipers. it is mild outside, even warmer in wanesville. the time lapse, starting this morning, cloudy conditions, maybe light rain then. not as many clouds but still skycam network. look further south of our region, down towards clum. towards columbia. you can see right there, we see the red, the orange, that will be heavy rain bands for our friends maybe even down into greenwood. not as much back here in western north carolina. but we will have our fair share of heavy rain and it does begin tonight. the next three days, we have
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speaking of rain, our surplus is a third of an inch. we'll continue to see our numbers change as this rain begins to fall. two was the record low temperature in 1963. 31 is normal. this morning, 43 is what we got to. this is the area where we put how warm it has been so far. 59 degrees at the asheville airport. 53 in boone. our western zones showing comfortable conditions. 60 in bryson city. 62 in andrews. look at the upstate, very warm. 66 degrees this afternoon. we are looking at the big picture to talk about the stalled front to continue to increase our chances for rain today. let's look at the timeline. the next couple of hours, we'll continue to be mild with temperatures. you can see that right there, greenville at 65. 58 into asheville. spotty showers, more widespread late afternoon and this is
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if you are leaving work around 6:00, might have to use windshield wipers. tonight, look at the heavier rain falling into tomorrow morning. most of that rain will fall by lunchtime. then we see additional rainfall later tuesday into wednesday morning. this is where we could see heavier rain bands seeing that instability and a chance for severe storms south of asheville. that chance is still in the forecast wednesday. how much rain are we expecting to see fall today? not going to be much. most of us seeing less than a tenth of an inch of rain as far south of greer. greenwood, maybe a third of an inch where we see the heavy rain. watch overnight, we start to see the rainfall, half an inch in the asheville area. some areas could see more than an inch and a half. by noon, we'll get a break. we'll see the heavier rain fall by 2:00 on wednesday. then we'll continue to see the rain fall throughout the day. several inches possible.
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risk and then once again within those severe storms there could be trouble as well. cloudy skies today, about 60 degrees. that rain will return late day so make sure you have that umbrella with you, especially tonight. foggy conditions like what we saw. showers settle in through the region with maybe a thunderstorm. 45 degrees. storms possible wednesday in asheville. cooler. a slight chance for a rain snow mix. dry and chilly friday and into the weekend. staying in the 40's overnight lows between freezing. after the rain wednesday, we'll see a drier and cooler pattern in the upstate as well. >> here's a look at some of the stories trending in your lunch hour. kesha gained a supporter in her legal fight against her producer dr. luke. a taylor swift spokesperson said she gave her $250,000 to help with any needs.
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producer she said drugged and raped her. a judge refused to release her from her contract. >> also trending, hillary clinton's campaign has released a second ad featuring the voice of actor morgan freeman. the ad is called stand. >> she says their names. >> trayvon martin shot to death. >> dante, unarmed. >> sandra bland did nothing wrong. >> it portrays clinton as standing up for the rights of african americans including the victims of contaminated water in flint, michigan. it concludes by saying clinton stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. the ad began running in south carolina of the weekend. the state holds its democratic primary on saturday. >> the list of oscars up for best actor is is stacked. nearly all have won an oscar or
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brandy hit reports, many eyes on leonardo dicaprio and whether the five time nominee will finally take home the gold statue. >> they are hollywood's leading men competing for oscar gold. >> nominees include brian cranston leonardo ky capri pro and sgliefrjs fresh off his win from last year. damon star in the martian is also an oscar winner, taking home 1998 best original screenplay alongside friend ben affleck. >> even back in boston watching us -- >> 18 years later, yeah, this is great and i'm going to smell the roses. >> you don't want my name on it. >> and brian cranston is up for
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>> i'm deleerous about it. >> this year's favorite is dicaprio in the brutal role. >> it is very reward scomblg leo is one of those stars who seems to be nominated every year and shockingly has never won. >> that is dicaprio in 1994 for what is eating gilbert grape but no win. >> that is going to end this year. >> dicaprio has won countless awards for the the rev nant. find out if he takes home his first oscar on sunday. >> get out the tequila and limes. today is national margarita day. the cocktail has lime or lemon juice. it can be traditional or frozen. mix up your favorite and enjoy. >> putting even more power behind eating a hearty
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these chocolate muffins provide an extra punch of nutrition.
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unusual item shared space wit >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. having another healthy meal. what are you making this time? >> sure so this could be used for breakfast and our your day. cheese are chocolate protein muffins are what we call them in the office. everybody in our office loves them. grab and go throughout the week. i'm going to let dr. picone talk about this while i get it in the
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>> the oats will give you a great source of fiber. yogurt gives a great source of protein and good fat. we are using the stevia for sweetener and coconut sugar. we are always adding protein to everything. we want to try to get a balance of protein and fat to negate the sugar spike. that's why we want to strive for high protein breakfasts. it is hard for people to tell this is healthy. it tastes so good. >> when you said chocolate muffin, it can't be bad. >> dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidant and it is an excellent source of nutrients. >> stevea, is that easy to find? >> actually a lot of grocery stores around here in western north carolina have started selling lily's. this is the dark chocolate we are using today. they have right now opt market,
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you can get them with almonds, sea salt. this is going to take a little bit to get this to the consistency we want. we'll let this go for a few minutes. >> it should resemble a cake batter. ok? >> ok. >> i always tell everybody, for those people who know me, i'm a little ocd, don't worry if all of the bananas do not get smashed. they'll bake up. and there will be a surprise when you get a chunk of banana. >> we'll put it in a muffin tin. bake this at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. from here, we'll mince in the chocolate. you can see this, the chocolate bar, it comes many little.
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bake it. ready to go for the week. >> looks great. let's get you the recipe at home. go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link. send an envelope to 110 technology drive. check us out on pinterest. find all our recipes as well as pictures of the foods we have been making and chick out foothills wellness. you can answer a wide variety of things. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> one more reason to have that cup of joe. up next in consumer news, how your breakfast beverage may provide you protection against live disease. >> you can watch news 13 newscast streaming live on our website, also on your mobile
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>> drinking coffee can cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. >> that's according to a medical journal that refined nine studies on the affects of coffee. two cups a day could cut your chance of cirrhosis by 44%. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. >> experts say coffee will never balance out all of the negative effects of excess alcohol. some doctors say more research is needed to confirm those studies. >> the water in crystal city texas is no longer crystal clear. dark colored water has been flowing from taps. the city says it is from residue leaking. >> paerment the tower hadn't been cleaned in decades. >> there is no word when that water might return to normal. >> and if you open a can of green beans, you typically expect to find green beans.
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disgusting addition after serving green beans at a church function in her home state. ashley explains. >> troy walker is an old pro in the kitchen. >> we are having turkey steaks and macaroni and cheese. >> she prefers cooking the fer her tiniest family members but it was at a church youth function where she almost served up something not on the menu. >> when i went to dish them out, thought it was a burnt bean and head. >> yes, a snake head in the middle of all those beans. >> we found the head, we were like, i wonder where the body is. >> we reached out to western family. they told ksl, foreign matter is not something we take lightly. we want to know what it is and we'll research and do any level of correction we can. they are already gone from the shelves of several grocery stores in the area. >> walker says she is not upset.
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someone would get the body or something of the snake and not the snake head. >> she is already planning for her next dinner party. >> we are having a dinner party and nobody responded to my text. i said, i promise i will not serve green beans. >> the company that makes the green beans said they stopped production of the vegetable. they are trying to determine where those green beans in question came from. >> snakes got into that facility. >> a matchup with a spot in the finals on the line. >> what the snowmobile was all about. >> who was isaac of asheville? we look at him through the eyes of a kindergarten class. >> find out what local school is
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to snack time. >> snow and slush were flying at a competition on sunday. >> as eric pierceson found out, the softball is a combination of a day at the park and a day at the races. >> the matchup sunday at the conservation club had the makings of the classic. the spot at the finals was on the line. >> it is basically -- it is played on a snowmobile. >> there are rules specific to the park. >> can't start them up until the ball is hit. >> you have to wear a coat, you have to wear a pair of gloves. with a softball, you can't pick
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>> second base baseman, out at 2 but the relay was not on time. raced home for the score and the visitors had the early lead. >> some of these guys got $10,000 sleds out there. you do that, you are in trouble. >> shane stone found himself in a bind. players helped him back on his sled after he twisted his ankle. >> at times, the action looked chaotic but they say it is part of the game. >> you run bases with sleds. you have to try it once and you'll get addicted to
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>> i have never seen anything like that. >> let's look at weather, everyone. not snow but rain in our forecast. scattered showers into early tomorrow morning. we get a break tuesday into wednesday and heavy rain is possible at times. even severe storms wednesday. main a rain snow mix. >> sounds good.
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have a great day. if you think some dishes deserve a standing ovation, then join us because we're about to induct our favorites into it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being put to the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen anthony anderson and they're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. we're going for the gold right now on "the chew."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew." you know, we got something special going on today. we are dedicating the show to the people and the food that make our show what it is. [ applause ] yes, my friends. we're using this hour to celebrate the dishes that make us weak in the knees. the foods that we look to for deep satisfaction. >> mmm. [ laughter ] >> that was terrible timing. the recipes that make us jump up and down with joy. >> whoo! >> and they're all being inducted into "the chew's" hall of fame today. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're excited about that. >> and, guys, today is also clinton's birthday! [ cheers and applause ] >> i thought 50 would never come! [ laughter ] >> only 47. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you.


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